Hi, I'm Sharon Mitchell and I help women achieve their health, happiness and weight loss goals, by changing their relationship with alcohol. 

I have helped over 33,247 women around the world to empower themselves, improve their health and achieve their goals. I was recently announced to be the premier authority on womens alcohol wellness coaching.

Because you've just found me on the internet, is it okay if I take a few minutes to tell you my story?

It's all about how I changed my own relationship with alcohol over 10 years ago, and the exact system I used to get healthy and happy and how you too can use this system.

My story began over 10 years ago when the doctors told me that the alcohol I had been drinking (which had been steadily increasing over the years as life's stresses increased) was putting my health, and in fact my very life, in danger. 

I had let it go way too long, and that was the wakeup call I needed to make a massive positive change to my relationship with alcohol. 

A big part of my problem was that, like so many women of my generation, I was very high-functioning in my role as wife, mother, business owner, daughter, sister and friend. 

I would do anything for anyone, especially the people I loved and cared for. "No", was not a word I used often....

Does that resonate with you? 

Whilst I understood the need for exercise and healthy eating, my own self-care came a long way down the priorities list. 

My stress levels were generally pretty high, and alcohol became the best way to manage getting more done for everyone without having to find time to take care of myself.

I was getting fatter, less healthy and more stressed.

And to be honest, I couldn't really see a way out.

Then I got that wakeup call from the doctor and I knew I had to make this change.

I started my own personal journey of finding a way to live a happier, healthier life without using alcohol for my stress relief. 

Over a period of many years I empowered myself with knowledge from experts around the world, including world-class psychologists, neural science experts, masters of habit-change, and mind-body nutrition specialists.

I literally traveled the world, visiting 32 countries in total, to learn everything I could that would allow me to understand alcohol and women's health and how I could use this information to empower myself and other women. 

The real turning point for me came when I discovered that although there are actually plenty of services for alcoholics (which is great for the people who need it), there was not really much around for otherwise successful women who want to drink less and get healthy. 
In fact, I found out that according to the World Health Organisation, over 92% of women whose health is affected by alcohol are not actually alcoholics!

I knew that day, that these were the women I wanted to help. Because this worked for me, and I knew it could work for other women too.

I went on to develop systems, programs and step-by-step solutions for women who are ready to take back control of their drinking and make a positive, healthy change in their life. 

My mission is to share this information with women around the world, and that's why I do what I do today.

Sharon x 

Sharon Mitchell International Pty Ltd